We Have a lot of Catching up to do...

Things I would have blogged about in the last two months (had I not been fat and lazy):

1. My reacquaintance with Magnum XL sized Pixie Sticks.
2. My awaking on December 25th only to find my penis grew two inches. Thanks Jesus!
3. My inablilty to cancel my suicidegirls.com membership.
4. My inability to not go to the Lusty Lady on Sunday mornings by myself.
5. The Wire. Oh my god I want to have McNulty’s babies.
6. My realization that I might be the only person on the planet who simultaneously gets sexier and fatter at the same time.
7. The fact that Phil has been sleeping on my couch for a month because his power got shut off when he went upwards of nine months without paying his electricity bill.
8. Netflix streams movies on Macs now!
9. Phil wears camo.
10. Did I mention my penis grew two inches?

I promise to never let such useless information be withheld from you ever again.








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