Super Stoked

Pat Quirk

Sorry, Cody and Erik, for not seeing you two as much as I would like (no homo). I’m even more sorry that I have to extend this act of detachment. At least until you stop doing Pat Quirk impressions.

Final Tally

21.5 – Hours spent on the road
1,089 – Miles driven
72 – Ounces of coffee
5 – Bathroom breaks
1 – Driving buddy
2.5 – Tanks of gas
82 – Dollars spent on gas
3 – Food stops
1 – Small fries from McDonalds
1 – Time lied about the size of fries I got at McDonalds
3 – Hours it took my iPod battery to die
6 – Times I wanted to kill myself
4 – Hours of sleep
2 – Naps in my car at rest stops
3 – ‘Tweets’
1 – Exhausted fatty

Now if only I didn’t 36 boxes to unpack.

Thanks Everyone

I’ve had enough guy-guy hugs in the past few days to make Kyle blush but it’s meant a lot to me. Apart from the weather, my friends and family are the reason I love Seattle so much and you guys have made it even harder to leave. I will miss you all and look forward to seeing you again soon.


They Don't Make TV Like this Anymore

) ;

Come Back Anthony!

The photo-booth has been ever so lonely since you’ve left.

We’re gonna miss you buddy!

The Old Me

The New Me

Courthouse Stories by Stybjorn

Two attorney’s are standing up whispering. They get very close to each other. They brake. One looks up and speaks to the judge. The defense disagrees on one of the conditions.

The man being accused is in there for a hit and run in the city of Kirkland. Armed with a ponytail, neon green shirt, jeans, and born in 1962, he stands with a smirk on his face. He pleads not guilty.

Empty Nest

Well the movers came this morning so for the next 3 or 4 days I will be sleeping on my floor because my house is now empty. I’m usually the worst about moving but I’ve managed to impress myself with how organized I’ve been.


And since I’m going green in 09, it’s obvious I’m re-using boxes from my last move.


Now… Who wants to drive 1,200 miles one way with me? I just downloaded the new Lady Gaga if it helps.

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