Because 3 pets wasn't enough...


Hank testing the water…
Hank getting friendly

More like Not Today or Any Other Day This Month

Sorry (to the six of you who read this) for the lack of updates. I’ve been adjusting to the 100+ degree heat we’ve been having in L.A., Kyle has been in New York for work, and I heard through the grapevine that Phil got the clap so I think he’s just taking it easy.


Seriously unbelievable totally crazy updates coming soon!

It's hot today


Quote of the day

“You really look like a hipster today.”

- the future Mrs. Baaaaaaarrns

Sleeping Beauties

Phil and Kyle

Strait Blowing It

Sorry for the lack of updates, just been really busy settling into my new home. Until I get caught up with everything, here’s a photo of launchpad from his visit down here last week.


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