“It’s sure gonna be hard for people in Boston to go into an Apple store and ask a sales associate for an iPod and not have them bring out that thing.”

- Cody Perez on the new iPad

Be Seein' ya L.A.

I was going to make a big post about the numerous things I hate about this town and how In n Out is the only thing I’m going to miss but the movers are going to be here first thing in the morning and I still have a lot of shit to pack.

I’m also taking bets starting now on how long it will take Daina to punch me for saying “Spoiler Alert!” every time we drive past a car with a spoiler on our drive up to Seattle.

I don't know art, but I know what I like

I'm not one to post flyers

But everyone needs to know about this!


I have a feeling Noel had something to do with this flyer.

Time to celebrate!


Now I know how Noel feels

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